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I'm Andrew. Belfast born, Cambridge educated, working in Dublin. Married to Michael (who is also known as John). I earn my living by writing, mainly documentation, but I write fiction as well. As well as my personal blog, I run Gay Christadelphians.

Should I try Toblerone?

As of the time of publication I have never eaten a Toblerone. Unfortunately, due to an incident involving multiple amounts of cat vomit, I have no trousers that are both clean and dry, so I can’t leave the flat. Thus I have been pondering the question should I try Toblerone? This is not a simple […]

Andrew McFarland Campbell 
Christianity Gay

Fencing Around the Gospel

In order to avoid breaking the laws of God (and even the laws of man) we all put additional restrictions on parts of our lives. As long as we, as Christians, recognise the difference between our own restrictions and what the Bible says, these restrictions are a good thing. When we muddle up what we say and what the Bible says, we commit a sin that dates all the way back to Eden.

Andrew McFarland Campbell 

It says so in the Bible!

“It is wrong for Christians to drink/be in a same-sex relationship/get divorced/use Facebook/drive a Prius/issue du jour—it says so in the Bible!” I hear that kind of statement a lot, often from street preachers in Belfast. There are roughly 800,000 words in the Bible. That’s about eight typical novels. So I normally respond with a […]

Andrew McFarland Campbell