Andrew McFarland Campbell  

Pride is for all

Yesterday, Michael and I travelled up to Belfast to see the Belfast Pride parade. Michael and I met on the Pride Committee, back in 2010, so the Belfast Pride parade is kind of our anniversary.

To watch the parade, we stood on Donegall Street, just in front of St Anne’s Cathedral. As former committee members, we knew that was a good spot to watch. Not too crowded, but with a clear view. Also outside St Anne’s we met a lovely man, Stephen, who had set up a stall to offer communion to anyone on the parade who wanted it. It was nice to see Christians being welcoming to the people on the parade.

Inside St Annes, an opposite-sex couple was getting married. When the wedding service was over, they came out of the cathedral. The parade was in full swing. The people in the parade shouted their congratulations to the happy couple, and the newlyweds smiled and waved to the parade. I don’t know if they knew the Pride parade was going to happen on the same day as their wedding, but I am pretty certain that they will never forget coming out of their cathedral to hear thousands of people shouting congratulations.

There is a myth, a lie, that part of the alleged Gay Agenda™️ is to make opposite-sex relationships illegal. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Pride parade celebrating the love of the opposite-sex couple, this is the truth of Pride. Pride is about celebrating love. Everyone’s love. Not just same-sex love, or cisgender love. All love.

Love, marriage are not zero-sum games. Allowing, celebrating the love of one couple does not take away from the love of another. Allowing, celebrating the marriage of one couple does not take away from the marriage of another.

Love is love.

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