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The Sun Passes It’s D’oh! Levels!

Miley Cyrus’ performance at the recent MTV awards has been criticised because of its suggestive nature.  The Sun, a major British newspaper had this to say:

Miley’s Performance may well go down in history as the moment pop became too porn.

Put your clothes back on ladies, and learn to sing.

The Sun, 27 August 2013, page 7, Northern Irish Edition

The Sun helpfully illustrated their article with a picture of Miley during her act.

However, The Sun is still The Sun, and today’s paper had a photo of topless woman on page three. This photo wasn’t connected with any news story, and just had a small amount of accompanying text, advertising their website and iPad app where additional, similar, images were available.

Surely if Miley Cirus’ performance was ’too porn’ then The Sun’s Page 3 is also ’too porn’? The Sun can’t have it both ways. It should either condemn Miley Cirus and stop its Page Three photographs, or it should support Miley Cirus for expressing herself in the same way as its models do. Personally I think The Sun should lead the way by moving into the 21st Century and leaving Page 3 in history. Until then, The Sun can proudly report that it has a D’oh! Level in hypocrisy to go with the one it has in sexism.

Thanks to @SerotoninJunkie, who first spotted this on Twitter, and to No More Page 3, a campaign to end Page Three.

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