Andrew McFarland Campbell  

How Gay People are Destroying Society

Sometimes it seems like every time you turn the TV on there is someone, usually a conservative Christian, complaining that same-sex marriage, civil partnerships, or even just the existence of gay people is going to destroy society.

At least I’m told that’s what it’s like. I rarely watch TV these days, preferring…

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2 thoughts on “How Gay People are Destroying Society

  1. Janice Manson

    I feel so sad that our gay society is the target for the Pharisees: “I am sinful, but thank God I am not like THEM!” Of course, I only hear complaints from my gay friends as justification to reject faith. I am so glad to hear that someone has found a way to separate faith from the conservative Christian religions. I would like to follow you on Twitter. I am a Canadian and support your marriage and pursuit of faith. Thanks for being there.

  2. Oana

    That is such a sad story, but I am glad that “friend” is no longer in your life. I’m fairly sure he would have been a horrible friend no matter what you did with your life…

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